Submissions to government

We respond to government inquiries on issues that affect Victoria's multicultural and multifaith communities.

One of the ways we advise government on issues affecting Victoria's culturally and linguistically diverse communities is by preparing submissions to Federal and State Government inquiries.

We consult widely with communities to gather the information and evidence we need to inform our submissions.

VMC Community Consultation Submission


Date: January 2020

Communities are genuinely concerned about the prevalence and rise of vilification and the Victorian Multicultural Commission welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the Victorian Parliament inquiry into current anti-vilification laws.

We supported recommendations to:

  • expand protected attributes to support more people and communities, in particular, people with disability and the LGBTIQ+ community
  • address and respond to online hate
  • improve data collection on incidents of vilification and hatred
  • improve support for victims of vilification/hatred

Visa simplification

Date: September 2017

The Victorian Multicultural Commission:

  • supported the proposal to review and simplify the Australian visa system
  • rejected the proposal that a prospective migrant should spend a period of time in Australia before becoming eligible for permanent residence

Aged care

Date: August 2017

The Victorian Multicultural Commission advocates for increased care-at-home services to support older Australians. To support the specific needs of culturally diverse communities, we recommended:

  • more funding for interpreting and translation services
  • support for diverse Australians and their families to navigate the aged care system
  • cultural awareness training for aged care workers and volunteers
  • an independent audit and complaints process

Strengthening the test for citizenship

Date: June 2017

The Victorian Multicultural Commission did not support the proposed citizenship test reforms. It said the proposed changes could have damaging effects on the most vulnerable members of our community.

Strengthening multiculturalism

Date: May 2017

The Victorian Multicultural Commission reiterated the Council for Europe's view that ‘respect for minorities is a fundamental measure of a country’s "moral progress" and the positive nature of multicultural policy that engenders and supports such respect, founded on a philosophy of human rights and civil rights liberalism.’

Human rights protections

Date: April 2017

Our submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade focused on:

  • the limited protection for the human right to freedom of religion or belief under Australia’s domestic law
  • the balance between religious freedom and the right to equality and non-discrimination

Fairer Safer Housing

The Victorian Multicultural Commission provided submissions to 3 of the 6 issues papers that were particularly pertinent to the housing needs of Victoria's multicultural communities.

Date: February 2017

Date: May 2016

Date: April 2016

Migrant settlement outcomes

Date: January 2017

This was a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration Inquiry into Migrant Settlement Outcomes. We provided evidence from our community consultation and regional advisory council addressing areas where the Australian Government could improve settlement outcomes. 

Freedom of speech

Date: December 2016

The Victorian Multicultural Commission opposed attempts to weaken sections 18C or 18D of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth) (the Act).

Victoria's 30-Year infrastructure strategy

Date: November 2016

The Victorian Multicultural Commission supported recommendations to:

  • increase densities in established areas
  • manage network demands through a comprehensive transport pricing regime
  • invest in social and affordable housing

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Date: October 2016

The Victorian Multicultural Commission advocated for the value of restorative justice programs in supporting victims and survivors to seek criminal justice responses in some circumstances.

Access to Justice Review

Date: March 2016

This submission:

  • focussed on the unmet legal needs of multicultural communities, who face considerable barriers to getting help with their legal problems
  • sought to ensure that the communities' legal needs were considered in the review
  • advocated for civil dispute resolution to be brought within the reach of all Victorians, including migrants, humanitarian refugees and asylum seekers

10-year Mental Health Plan

Date: December 2015

This submission advocated for equitable access to safe, responsive treatment and support for the mental wellbeing of multicultural communities - in particular, humanitarian entrants and asylum seekers.

Early Childhood

Date: October 2015

This submission sought to ensure

  • full consideration of the needs of children from multicultural and non-English-speaking backgrounds
  • support for parents and guardians who are recent migrants, humanitarian entrants and asylum seekers

Royal Commission into Family Violence

Date: June 2015

This submission:

  • highlighted the family violence experiences of women and children from multicultural communities in Victoria
  • identified barriers to protection and support that affect them disproportionately, including disclosing family violence and accessing culturally-responsive support services

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