VMC Regional Advisory Councils

Our Regional Advisory Councils help us reach out to Victorians across the state to find out what issues we need to focus on.

Our eyes and ears across Victoria

The VMC is advised by 8 Regional Advisory Councils (RACs), which cover the whole state.

RAC Members are the Victorian Multicultural Commission’s eyes and ears, keeping Commissioners informed about the issues that matter to multicultural communities.

They provide us with critical, on-the-ground insights into issues such as migrant and refugee settlement services, employment, education, housing, citizenship and connection to culture. They also help identify potential solutions and strategies for achieving change.

These insights and ideas then help us to influence and shape policy, legislation and to improve government and community services. 

We have produced a range of reports and submissions that explore issues facing multicultural communities. Read our roundtable and research reports and government submissions.

The RACs are also a useful forum for other organisations and government bodies to engage with local multicultural communities.  

Email to register your organisation’s interest in presenting at a RAC meeting. 

Our members reflect Victoria's diversity

RAC members are selected through a public expression-of-interest process.  

Currently, members represent 36 different cultural backgrounds and include community members, service providers, local business owners and local government representatives.

Email to register your interest in becoming a RAC member.

Regional Advisory Councils

Contact your local Regional Advisory Council

If you would like to find out about upcoming community consultations for the Victorian Multicultural Commission, register your organisation’s interest in attending a community consultation, or enquire about becoming a Regional Advisory Council member, email  

Reviewed 17 March 2020

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