We create opportunities for multicultural communities by connecting people and businesses

The Multicultural Chambers of Commerce Group is a network of Victorian chamber groups dedicated to supporting community and economic prosperity in our state by exchanging ideas, business and employment opportunities for multicultural communities.

Set up in 2018 by the VMC, the group helps to inform the Minister for Multicultural Affairs about challenges and opportunities for Victoria’s diverse business owners and works collaboratively with Small Business Victoria.

The Group is chaired by the Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission. The Commission also provides secretariat services.

Role of migrants and small businesses in supporting the Victorian economy

Migration and cultural diversity fill skill gaps, boosts population, strengthens small business and helps us innovate.  A third of Victorian businesses are now owned by migrants.

Research shows that these businesses are much more likely to hire other migrants, creating employment opportunities and contributing positively to social cohesion and diversity in Victoria. A diverse workforce is better able to make the most of the opportunities of a global market and respond effectively to the needs of the Victorian community.

Cross-cultural innovation and opportunity

At the VMC, we see every day how cross-cultural experiences and exchanges increase the capacity to identify promising business ideas, stimulate creativity and drive innovation. We're excited to see the new opportunities, partnerships and perspectives that will be fostered through the Multicultural Chambers of Commerce Group.

Member Groups — Multicultural Chambers of Commerce

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Reviewed 18 February 2020

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