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Cultural Diversity Week: 18 to 24 March 2024

Every year in March, we bring Victorians together to celebrate our state's diverse and powerful multicultural communities.

Victoria's largest multicultural celebration

Multiculturalism is a core part of the Victorian identity, our character and way of life. Our state is home to people who speak 290 languages and have 314 different ancestries. It's also a place where anyone can contribute and belong.

Cultural Diversity Week is a time to celebrate the power, influence, and stories of Victoria's rich multicultural communities, and all Victorians are invited to participate through a variety of in-person events and activities. 

In 2024, Cultural Diversity Week will take place across the state from 18 - 24 March.



Our Shared Stories - Celebrating Together

The 2024 Cultural Diversity Week theme invites us to weave a tapestry of vibrant experiences with "Our Shared Stories - Celebrating Together." This powerful theme goes beyond individual narratives, encouraging us to recognise and celebrate the beautiful intersections that enrich our culturally diverse state. 

Whether it's a cherished childhood memory or a journey across continents, each story holds the potential to ignite connection and understanding. Whether you whisper a personal moment or sing out your entire saga, there's a place for your voice in this symphony of shared experiences. So, this Cultural Diversity Week, let's raise our voices, open our hearts, and celebrate the tapestry of humanity that binds us together through our shared stories.

The theme will be used to guide the events, activities and celebrations planned for Cultural Diversity Week. 


Important dates

As we prepare for Cultural Diversity Week, we invite Victorians to reflect on the day that paved the way for these celebrations. March 21 is the United Nation's International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD).

This day reminds us that while celebrating multiculturalism is vital, so too is supporting and advocating on behalf of multicultural communities. IDERD concludes Cultural Diversity Week, and so we invite all communities to continue conversations about diversity, inclusion and belonging long after the week has ended. 


Get involved

There are many ways to get involved with Cultural Diversity Week. You can get involved as an individual, a community, an organisation or as a workplace!

If you're getting involved online, or sharing pictures of your event or community, we invite you to use the following hashtags on social media to connect with us and others who are celebrating!





#Celebrating together 

The following pages will provide information, ideas, inspiration and resources to use in planning your Cultural Diversity Week event. 

Cultural Diversity Week is proudly presented by the Victorian Multicultural Commission with support from the Victorian Government.