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Host an event

Bring your community together by holding an event to celebrate Cultural Diversity Week in March 2024.

Celebrate and reflect this Cultural Diversity Week

There are many ways your organisation, school, workplace, family and community can celebrate Cultural Diversity Week.

The 2024 Cultural Diversity theme is 'Our Shared Stories - Celebrating Together' encouraging us to recognise and celebrate the beautiful intersections that enrich our culturally diverse state.



A Taste of Harmony

An initiative of the Scanlon Foundation Research Institute, A Taste of Harmony is a free and delicious way to celebrate your workplace's cultural diversity by hosting a shared lunch, morning tea or afternoon tea from 20 - 31 March 2023. For event resources, recipes, and to register, visit their website. 

Register your event on VMConnect

VMConnect is an online noticeboard, where members can share information, services, initiatives, programs and events that are of interest to Victoria's multicultural communities. 

If you are hosting a Cultural Diversity Week event, activity or a cultural celebration in March, we invite you to add that event to the VMConnect event calendar

Joining VMConnect is easy, and once registered you can start posting immediately and promote your event!


Ensure you manage your event in line with COVIDSafe principles to reduce the risk of COVID-19. For more information on COVIDSafe events, visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Victoria website.