VMC accepted gifts, benefits and hospitality register for 2022-23

This is a list of details that Victorian Multicultural Commissioners accepted offers of gifts, benefits or hospitality for 2022-23.

No.Date of offerRecipientsDescription of the gift, benefit or hospitalityName of organisation providing the offerType of offerEstimated or actual value of giftDecision
11/07/2022Dr Judy Tang - CommissionerMedia launching dinner and dance white snakeChinese Performing Arts Development IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
22/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonSomila DaySomali Community Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
32/07/2022Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerMonsoon Festival (Borsha Utsav) 2022Monsoon FestivalHospitalityover $50Accepted
43/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonBook launch: Ask No QuestionsAuthor: Eva CollinsHospitalityover $50Accepted
57/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonThe Huddle 100K CelebrationThe HuddleHospitalityover $50Accepted
67/07/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonABAW 20th Anniversary Fundrasing GalaAsian Business Association of Whitehorse Inc. (ABAW)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
78/07/2022Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerMultiCultural Chand Raat & Eid FestivalSociety for women empowerment and recognition in AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
89/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAGAPI Care's 35th Anniversary GalaAGAPI Care IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
99/07/2022Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerNigeria Cultural Day 2022 celebrationThe Nigerian Society of Victoria IncorporatedHospitalityover $50Accepted
109/07/2022Silvia Renda - CommissionerArgentina Independence DayConsulate General of the Argentine RepublicHospitalityover $50Accepted
119/07/2022Silvia Renda - CommissionerDiscovering Our Relationships – a presentation of recent research findings on the Our Story: Aboriginal Chinese people in Australia projectChinese MuseumHospitalityover $50Accepted
1210/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson30 Australian-Filipino Community Services: Serbisyo, Sining, at Kwento (Services, Art and Stories)Australian Filipino Community ServicesHospitalityover $50Accepted
1310/07/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonRice Dumpling Community EventThe Friends of the Children FoundationHospitalityover $50Accepted
1412/07/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonReception to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionHong Kong Economic and Trade Office, SydneyHospitalityover $50Accepted
1515/07/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMulticultural Eid Event 2022Society for Women Empowerment & Recognition in Australia Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1616/07/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson2022 President's Function Round 18 - Kangaroos v RichmondNorth Melbourne Football Club Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1716/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonHH Dalai Lama's Birthday Fundraising LunchAustralian Tibet Council (ATC)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1817/07/2022Nyangak (Lizzy) Kuoth - Commissioner7th Nelson Mandela LectureThe Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture SeriesHospitalityover $50Accepted
1919/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonManchester United v Crystal Palace soccer gameDepartment of Jobs, Precincts and RegionsHospitalityover $50Accepted
2022/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonOral History Discussion with Prof. Kylie Message and Mr Lachlan KennedyVietnamese Museum Australia Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2123/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonExhibition Launch Invitation - What I Wish I'd Told YouFootscray Community ArtsHospitalityover $50Accepted
2223/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonSt Kilda Hebrew Congregation Multifaith & Multicultural Shabbat and KiddishSt Kilda Hebrew CongregationHospitalityover $50Accepted
2323/07/2022Nyangak (Lizzy) Kuoth - CommissionerMasala Dandenong Football Club Ladies High TeaMasala Dandenong Football ClubHospitalityover $50Accepted
2426/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonIslamic Community ForumIslamic Community Forum Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2527/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonFST Government Victoria Conference FST GovernmentHospitalityover $50Accepted
2628/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMonash Interfaith Gathering AGM Monash Interfaith Gathering IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
2728/07/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonJET Programme Farewell Reception hosted by the Consul-General of JapanConsulate General of JapanHospitalityover $50Accepted
2830/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson5th Taiwan Film Festival in AustraliaMelbourne Taiwanese Chamber of CommerceHospitalityover $50Accepted
2931/07/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonRound 20 Hafey Dining FunctionRichmond Football ClubHospitalityover $50Accepted
301/08/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonKorean Consulate farewell receptionKorean Consulate in Melbourne and Korea Foundation (KF)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
314/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonJustice Education Program for CALD students of North Geelong Secondary CollegeNorth Geelong Secondary CollegeHospitalityover $50Accepted
324/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonNational Council of Women Victoria Council MeetingNational Council of Women Victoria Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
334/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonLaunch: Handbook and Stepping Forward Incubator PorgramVictorian Local Governance Association (VLGA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
345/08/2022Nyangak (Lizzy) Kuoth - CommissionerBlack Diasporas Exhibit - Our Voices, Our Stories 5 Aug 2022Incubate FoundationHospitalityover $50Accepted
356/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonSaint Gaetan Feast Ball Saint Gaetan Society Inc. Hospitalityover $50Accepted
366/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonBrazilian ABRISIA FestivalABRISA – Brazilian Association in Victoria Hospitalityover $50Accepted
376/08/2022Nyangak (Lizzy) Kuoth - CommissionerSouth Sudanese Community Book LaunchNaath EntertainmentHospitalityover $50Accepted
3810/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMental Health & Importance of Cultural Diversity and InclusionMaurice Blackburn LawyersHospitalityover $50Accepted
3911/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonZionist Victoria receptionZionism VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
4013/08/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonSITAARE Festival of Indian Arts 2022Federation of Indian Music and DanceHospitalityover $50Accepted
4113/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonReconnect Community BBQSouth Sudanese-Australian Academic Society Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
4213/08/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonInternational Students Welcome Cultural Food & Costume Competition EventVicWISE ((Victorian International Working Group for Student Employability)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
4313/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonKaren Wrist-Tying Ceremony Australian Karen Organisation Inc VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
4414/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerPakistan Independence DayPakistani Student Association AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
4516/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonIndian Independence DayConsulate General of IndiaHospitalityover $50Accepted
4617/08/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonVu Lan Festival Celebration Indochinese Elderly Refugees Association VICHospitalityover $50Accepted
4718/08/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonRacial Equity EventAustralian Intercultural Society, Intersect Global PartnersHospitalityover $50Accepted
4818/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - Commissioner & Silvia Renda - CommissionerCourageous Conversations about RaceAustralian Intercultural Society, Intersect Global PartnersHospitalityover $50Accepted
4919/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAfghanistan Independence DayAfghan Australian Philanthropic Association Hospitalityover $50Accepted
5019/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonBakhtar Youth Awards DinnerBakhtar Community OrganisationHospitalityover $50Accepted
5119/08/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonSmall Acts, Big Impact Launch (Multicultural Outreach)LOTE & Sustainability VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
5221/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonBringing Out the Best in You” eventMental Health Foundation AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
5326/08/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonRotary BreakfastWhitehorse Business GroupHospitalityover $50Accepted
5426/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonWomen of Colour Self Care Morning Regional Victorians of ColourHospitalityover $50Accepted
5527/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonLady's nightEritrean Jeberti Community in Australia (EJCA) - Womens GroupHospitalityover $50Accepted
5628/08/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonShirley Sedawie Annual Lecture and AGMCouncil of Christians and Jews (CCJ) Hospitalityover $50Accepted
5729/08/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMonash Uni Master of Education classMonash UniversityHospitalityover $50Accepted
5831/08/2022Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerOpening Launch - Invitation - Wisdom & Light Immersive Experience David Yu Family FoundationHospitalityover $50Accepted
591/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonCCJ coversation with Rev Dr John Pawlikowsi about his career in interfaith dialogueCouncil of Christians and Jews Vic IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
602/09/2022Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerMelbourne Guangzhou Friendship Association Celebration Event 2022Melbourne Guangzhou Friendship AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
613/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonTastes to remember PhilipinesAustralian-Filipino Community ServicesHospitalityover $50Accepted
624/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonFestival of 'Gaura Parva' Far Western Nepalese Society of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
635/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonDH and FCA Covid health online information forumDepartment of Health and The Federation of Chinese Associations (VIC) Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
646/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonFathers Day CelebrationVietnamese Australian Senior Association of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
658/09/2022Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerQueen's Birthday 2022 Honours and awardsOffice of the Governor - Government House Melbourne Hospitalityover $50Accepted
668/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAdvancing Women’s Leadership SummitGender Equality Advisory CommitteeHospitalityover $50Accepted
679/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonCMY networking eventCentre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
689/09/2022Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerMY Education Awards 2022: Learning and Thriving TogetherCentre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
6910/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonNepal Festival Melbourne 2022Non-Resident Nepali Association State Coordination Committee VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
7010/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonTaiwan festivalMelbourne Taiwanese Chamber of CommerceHospitalityover $50Accepted
7110/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonUkrainian Soul, Australian SoilLehanda Ukrainian Dance CompanyHospitalityover $50Accepted
7210/09/2022Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerBlack Tie & Tiara Gala 2022NSGLobalHospitalityover $50Accepted
7311/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMid-Autumn FestivalVietnamese Senior Cultural AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
7411/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonSpirit of Harmony - Multicultural FestivalSKGA Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
7512/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerProclamation of the Sovereign His Majesty King Charles IIIGovernor of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
7613/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonSmall Business Commissioner DinnerSmall Business CommissionHospitalityover $50Accepted
7715/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson Australia Malaysia Business Council Annual Dinner Australia Malaysia Business CouncilHospitalityover $50Accepted
7817/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonPronia 50th Anniversary GalaProniaHospitalityover $50Accepted
7917/09/2022Silvia Renda - Commissioner50th years of Aus Bulgaria dip relationsFolk Group BulgariHospitalityover $50Accepted
8018/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonUN Peace Day - Multifaith & Multicultural CelebrationCentre of Melbourne Multifaith and Others Network (COMMON)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
8120/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonGender equality research projectDFFHHospitalityover $50Accepted
8221/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAnyone can cohortThe Creative Co-Operative Hospitalityover $50Accepted
8322/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonBringing out the best in youMental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) and Australian Asian Business Women’s Association (AABWA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
8424/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonDual Identity Leadership Program - Program Conclusion Social Impact Project PresentationVietnamese Community Australia – Victorian Chapter (VCA Vic)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
8524/09/2022Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerIriji FestivalIgbo Association of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
8625/09/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonRCAA National Interaction ProgramRefugee Communities Association of Australia (RCAA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
8729/09/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonThe Res Ball 2022 by La Trobe UniLa Trobe UniversityHospitalityover $50Accepted
8829/09/2022Dr Judy Tang - CommissionerCommunity Leader's ForumFoundation HouseHospitalityover $50Accepted
8930/09/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonAGAPI Care's Cocktail PartyAGAPI Care IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
901/10/2022Silvia Renda - CommissionerGrand Launch of Community Kitchen Food Trailer Muslim Women’s Council of Victoria Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
911/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMulticultural Dance Competition O&Z Events and Midnight FlamesHospitalityover $50Accepted
921/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonDashian Festival 2022Australian Nepalese Multicultural Centre (ANMC)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
931/10/2022Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative Commissioner & Nyangak (Lizzy) Kuoth - CommissionerNigeria Independence Day CelebrationsNigeria Society of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
942/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonOromo Thanksgiving DayThe Advocacy for Oromia, Oromo Community in Melbourne, Waaqeffannaa Association, Oromocare,Oromia Support GroupHospitalityover $50Accepted
954/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonRoyal Children Hospital CALD Reference Group Royal Children HospitalHospitalityover $50Accepted
964/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonSmall Acts Make a Big Impact" campaign - Launch of muralLOTE & Sustainability VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
976/10/2022Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerCMSport Victoria State Forum: Reflecting Community. Connecting CommunityCentre for Multicultural Sport (CMSport)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
987/10/2022Shankar Kasynathan - CommissionerWhittlesea Anti-Racism Community Project Report LaunchWhittlesea Community Connections & Victoria UniversityHospitalityover $50Accepted
997/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonDouble Ninth FestivalIndochinese Elderly Refugees Association VICHospitalityover $50Accepted
1007/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerLaunch of the Art Against Ageism exhibition for Ageism Awareness DayAustralian Multicultural Community ServicesHospitalityover $50Accepted
1018/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonChinese Australian Youth Leadership Program Graduation CeremonyChinese Community Council of Australia (Vic)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1028/10/2022Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerMulticultural Networking Fun Day Perwira Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1038/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonIPDC National AGM 2022Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle Inc. Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1049/10/2022Shankar Kasynathan - CommissionerGandhi Jayanti CelebrationsAustralia Indian Community Charitable TrustHospitalityover $50Accepted
10511/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative Commissioner2022 Victorian Honour Roll of Women Presentation CeremonyMinister for WomenHospitalityover $50Accepted
10613/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson10th Annual Walter Lippmann Memorial OrationEthnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
10716/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonWalk for Mental HealthMental Health Foundation AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
10816/10/2022Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth Commissioner & Bill Papastergiadis OAM - CommissionerInvitation to Expert Cup Tournament and Dashain/Tihar Festival 2022 (Brimbank Multicultural Festivals 2022)Royal Western Football ClubHospitalityover $50Accepted
10916/10/2022Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerSt. Mark's Annual Church Festival 2022St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox ChurchHospitalityover $50Accepted
11016/10/2022Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerDiwali Festival 2022North West Fiji Seniors Club Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
11117/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonForum on Family Violence in Culturally Diverse CommunitiesMulticultural Women's Alliance Against Family VoilanceHospitalityover $50Accepted
11217/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bill Papastergiadis OAM - CommissionerGreek community reception DFFHHospitalityover $50Accepted
11318/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonProgress on PreventionRespect VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
11419/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonWhitehorse community dinnerWhitehorse Business GroupHospitalityover $50Accepted
11520/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMulticultural Women Empowerment Annual ConferenceMulticultural Women of the World (MWOW)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
11620/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonLaunch of the Safe Landing Extension ProgramNorthern Community Legal Centre and South-East Monash Legal Service Hospitalityover $50Accepted
11720/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonECCV State Election Forum 2022Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
11822/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonHume Diwali Mela - 2022Hume Diwali Mela Inc. and Multicultural Festival GroupHospitalityover $50Accepted
11922/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonDashain-Tihar Multicultural FestivalBhutanese Community in Australia Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
12022/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAntipodes 2022, the 34th annual Lonsdale St Greek FestivalGreek Community of MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
12122/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonDiaspora Fair 2022Indonesian Diaspora Network Victoria (IDNVic)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
12222/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonOpening of Community Hall and Offices attached to All Nations Church All Nations Presbyterian Church of Eastern AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
12322/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonBlack Rhinos UBUNTU EventAfri-Aus Care Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
12410/22/22Nyangak (Lizzy) Kuoth - CommissionerInvitation to 60th Independence Celebrations and Cultural Dinner - 22 OctUganda the Pearl of Africa Victoria Association IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
12523/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMulticultural Mawlid Celebration 2022Muslim Welfare Trust of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
12623/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonABBS Diwali Banana Leaf LunchAustralia Bharatha Brahman. Samaj (ABBS) Hospitalityover $50Accepted
12723/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonCWIRE Graduation CeremonyAfriAus iLEACHospitalityover $50Accepted
12824/10/2022Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerYouth Civic Participation Project Wyndham Youth ServicesWyndham Youth ServicesHospitalityover $50Accepted
12924/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonPremier’s Diwali State Reception 2022DFFHHospitalityover $50Accepted
13026/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonVictorian Senior Awards CeremonyGovernment House MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
13126/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonAnnakut UtsavShree Swaminarayan Temple MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
13226/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonCPA Victoria Diwali Event CPA AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
13328/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonLaunch of Book: UndefeatedProfessional Migrant WomenHospitalityover $50Accepted
13428/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonCzech National DayConsulate of the Czech Republic in MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
13529/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonVictorian Festivla of DiwaliCelebrate India Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
13629/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonFamily Fun DaySudanese Community Association in VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
13729/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMHFA Multicultural Gala Dinner Mental Health Foundation AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
13830/10/2022Bill Papastergiadis OAM - CommissionerTalents and Actap Awards 2022Australia Community Theatre and Talents PractitionersIncorporated (ACTap)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
13930/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson30th Anniversary of Sri Lankan Study Center for the Advancement of Technology and Social Welfare SCATS AustraliaSri Lankan Study Centre for Advancement of technology and Social Welfare (SCATS Australia)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
14030/10/2022Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerIndia fashion week Australia 2022Meilleur EventHospitalityover $50Accepted
14130/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonTaste of Faith event 2022 of Cardinia Interfaith NetworkCardinia Interfaith NetworkHospitalityover $50Accepted
14230/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonCarnival of Connection 2022Whittlesea Interfaith Network Hospitalityover $50Accepted
14330/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson40th Anniversary Ruby Gala NightThe Chinese Association of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
14430/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonBal Diwas 2022 (Children’s Day 2022) – A better future for every childNepalese Association of Victoria Hospitalityover $50Accepted
14530/10/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonDiwali Celebrations 2022Maharashtra Organisation Australia Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
14631/10/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonReception at Government House on the Eve of the 2022 Melbourne CupGovernment House MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
1472/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonCommemoration of former President of South Vietnam, President NGO, Dinh DiemVincent Liem Vietnamese Catholic CentreHospitalityover $50Accepted
1483/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonEdo Heritage Awareness DayEDO Club of Australia Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1494/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonCCOEI Annual General Meeting 2022Communities Council on Ethnic Issues (Eastern Region) Inc. Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1505/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative Commissioner2022 Yoruba Cultural Day CelebrationYoruba Heritage & Cultural Association of Victoria Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1515/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonGrand Opening of the new Ravenhall Masjid and Community Centre (RMCC)Australian Sri Lankan Association Inc (ASLA Inc.)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1526/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMelbourne United Basketball Multicultural themed gameMelbourne United Basketball ClubHospitalityover $50Accepted
1539/11/2022Jennifer Huppert - CommissionerB’nai B’rith Unit Melbourne - Mitzvah B’nai B’rith VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
1549/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonGippsland Inovation BreakfastLatrobe Valley Authority/ Federation UniversityHospitalityover $50Accepted
1559/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson2022 Hanbok Fashion Show Gala DinnerConsulate of the Republic of Korea in MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
1569/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonVictorian Early Years AwardsDETHospitalityover $50Accepted
15711/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson2022 Victorian State Remembrance Day Service at the Shrine of RemembranceShrine of Remembrance Trustees Hospitalityover $50Accepted
15811/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonHellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (HACCI) Awards Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce & IndustryHospitalityover $50Accepted
15912/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonIndian Cultural EventBochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Sanstha (BAPS)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
16012/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonPolish FestivalPolish Community Council of Victoria Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
16112/11/2022Silvia Renda - Commissioner70 anniversary Gala NightThe Hispanic Society of Victoria Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
16213/11/2022Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerVictorian Interfaith Networks Festival (VINF)Faith Communities Council of Victoria (FCCV)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
16313/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Jennifer Huppert - CommissionerICV Annual DinnerIslamic Council of Victoria (ICV)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
16413/11/2022Dr Judy Tang - CommissionerCelebration of the 2nd Anniversary of the World Intangible Culture Heritage Tai Chi and Apprenticeship CeremonyAWCC Tai Chi (Australian Oriental Martial Arts TaiChi Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
16513/11/2022Shankar Kasynathan - CommissionerAnnual KPCA LunchKashmiri Culture in Victoria Hospitalityover $50Accepted
16614/11/2022Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerYouth Civic Participation ProjectWyndham Youth ServicesHospitalityover $50Accepted
16715/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMajor Exhibition: Immigrant networksDeakin UniversityHospitalityover $50Accepted
16815/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonBook Launch: Coburg Mosque - A Journey of Turkish SettlementThe Turkish Heritage Society Australia and Merri-bek City Council Hospitalityover $50Accepted
16917/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonNDIS Info Session: Forging a new normal for all Power in Culture and Ethnicty (PCE) & Young Australian People (YAP) Hospitalityover $50Accepted
17018/11/2022Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerAMCF-African and Music Cultural FestivalAfrican and Music Cultural FestivalHospitalityover $50Accepted
17119/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonAgeing and Living Well ForumMulticultural Women Victoria, United Sri Lankan Muslim Association of AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
17219/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson2022 African Music and Cultural Festival (AMCF)The African Music and Cultural Festival (AMCF) Hospitalityover $50Accepted
17320/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonOne Victoria Conference DinnerAMAFHH Federation Hospitalityover $50Accepted
17420/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonCultures without Borders Multicultural Street art ProjectGen2GenHospitalityover $50Accepted
17522/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonLaunch of the 2022 Mapping Social Cohesion ReportScanlon FoundationHospitalityover $50Accepted
17624/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonVSA Victoria “A Chance to Bloom” Charity Dinner 2022Vietnamese Students’ Association VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
17725/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonKinaway Government Exclusive Briefing KinawayHospitalityover $50Accepted
17826/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonSICMAA 40th AGMthe Springvale Indochinese Mutual Assistance Association Inc (SICMAA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
17926/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonIMCV Gala DinnerIndonesian Muslim Community of Victoria Hospitalityover $50Accepted
18027/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonFederation’s Annual Christmas Celebration LunchFederation of Greek Elderly Citizens Clubs of Melbourne & VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
18127/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonLanguage and Community SymposiumViệtSpeakHospitalityover $50Accepted
18227/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonBollywood Dance School’s end of year Showcase Bollywood Dance School AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
18328/11/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson70 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and GermanyConsul-General of the Federal Republic of Germany in VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
18430/11/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMulticultural Services and Programs special interest groupPublic Libraries Victoria Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1851/12/2022Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerMaking Law in Papua New Guinea-Official Launch, Q&A and end of year celebrationSir Zelman Cowen CentreHospitalityover $50Accepted
1862/12/2022Nyangak (Lizzy) Kuoth - Commissioner16 days of Activisim- BreakfastRegional Victorians of ColourHospitalityover $50Accepted
1872/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonChristmas Thank You LunchThe Salvation Army Australia Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1883/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonEdo Heritage Awareness DayEDO Club of Australia Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1893/12/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonReverse Town Hall Meeting: Intersectionality and how police engage with LGBTIQ+ communities of colourAustralian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council (AGMC) and the Office of the Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ CommunitiesHospitalityover $50Accepted
1903/12/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerAfropreneurs Summit Australia 2022Africa Media Australia & PartnersHospitalityover $50Accepted
1913/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonBreakthrough Annual Dinner / Panel DiscussionMATE for Change AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
1923/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonCelebration of the launch of the COVIDSafe artistic competition Multicultural Communication Outreach Project (MCOP)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1934/12/2022Nyangak (Lizzy) Kuoth - CommissionerInter-cultural festival/celebration eventThe BoiteHospitalityover $50Accepted
1947/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonBusiness Bloom International and Bloom Community Care 2022 End of Year CelebrationBusiness Bloom International & Bloom Community CareHospitalityover $50Accepted
1957/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonSisterWorks Hospitality GraduationSisterWorksHospitalityover $50Accepted
1968/12/2022Jennifer Huppert - CommissionerGolden Panda Award Gala: Global Chinese Food Delivery Industry Trend SummitHungryPandaHospitalityover $50Accepted
1978/12/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAMBC Business Networking and End of Year Event Australian Malaysia Business Council (AMBC)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
1989/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonTakeover Melbourne Networking eventTakeover MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
1999/12/2022Nyangak (Lizzy) Kuoth - CommissionerTakeover Melbourne Gala ScreeningTakeover MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
20010/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonAPOC Award Night Gala DinnerAustralian Professionals of Colour (APOC)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
20110/12/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonNepalese Women's Tales of Resilience - Book Launch ProgramDidi Bahini Samaj Victoria (DBSV)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
20210/12/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson2022 Dual Identity Leadership Program Graduation CeremonyDual Identity Leadership ProgramHospitalityover $50Accepted
20315/12/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonACHRH Annual General MeetingAustralAsian Centre for Human Rights and HealthHospitalityover $50Accepted
20415/12/2022Dr Judy Tang - CommissionerExecutive Wealth (of the mind) Circle Gala Dinner Executive Wealth CircleHospitalityover $50Accepted
20516/12/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonHHYF and BCA Citizenship ceremonyHelp Himalayan Youth Foundation (HHYF) and Bhutanese Community in Australia (BCA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
20616/12/2022Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonSAFA Graduation Ceremony and Community AwardsSomali Australian Friendship Association (SAFA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
20718/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMyanmar Women Exchange Program 2022Burmese Welfare Association of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
20819/12/2022Silvia Renda - CommissionerLaunch of Destinatiion BallaratBallarat Regional Multicultural Council Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
20926/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonKaren New Year CelebrationKaren Organisation of BendigoHospitalityover $50Accepted
21028/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonNuer Community in Victoria Cultural DayNuer Community in VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
21131/12/2022Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonBendigo Karen New YearKaren Organisation of Bendigo (KOB)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2121/7/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMeeting with Multicultural Consulting ServicesMulticultural Consulting ServicesHospitalityover $50Accepted
2131/8/23Dr Judy Tang - CommissionerLadies Multicultural NightEJCA - Women's Group representativeHospitalityover $50Accepted
2141/8/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonFABA - Lunar New Year Celebration Year of the Cat opening ceremonyFootscray Asian Business AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
2151/8/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAnnual 2023 Epiphany FestivalGreek Orthodox Archdiocese of AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
2161/13/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonChinese New year 2023Club of Chinese Seniors in Monash IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
2171/15/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonSABA - 2023 Springvale Lunar New Year Festival “Opening Ceremony”Springvale Asian Business Association (SABA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2181/15/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonSt Albans Lunar New Year 2023 - 25th AnniversarySt Albans Business Group Association Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2191/15/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonOromo Community Graduation CeremonyAustralian Oromo Community Association in Victoria Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2201/17/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAustralia Open Tennis Match and DinnerGandel FoundationHospitalityover $50Accepted
2211/17/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonThe Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Multicultural Launch 2023The Salvation Army Australia Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2221/20/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonCommonwealth Bank Lunar New Year CelebrationCommonwealth BankHospitalityover $50Accepted
2231/21/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonUkrainian Theophany EveAssociation of Ukrainians in Victoria Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2241/21/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonVictorian Tamil Cultural Association Inc. (VTCA) - Thai Thirunal (Tamils New Year) / Thai PongalVTCA PresidentHospitalityover $50Accepted
2251/22/23Shankar Kasynathan - CommissionerTamil New Year FestivalTamil Festival Australia Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2261/22/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMelbourne Millennium Dai Loong Parade during the 2023 Melbourne Chinatown Chinese New YearThe Melbourne Dai Loong Association - Committee of ManagementHospitalityover $50Accepted
2271/22/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonAustralian Day Speech ContestFar Western Nepalese Society of Victoria (FWNSV)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2281/22/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonChinese Lunar New Year 2023Melbourne Chinatown AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
2291/23/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonAustralia Day at Government HouseOffice of the Governor - Government House Melbourne Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2301/23/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAustralia Open Tennis Match and DinnerDJPRHospitalityover $50Accepted
2311/26/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonSCI is celebrating 33 years of community serviceSomali Community Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2321/26/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonCommunity Response Australia Inc - Aus Day DinnerCommunity Response Australia IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
2331/26/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonThe Indian Mate - Book LaunchAfter the Why Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2341/26/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonIndian Community Australia Day LunchIndian Community Australia Day LunchHospitalityover $50Accepted
2351/26/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonAustralia Day CelebrationVictorian Afghan Youth AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
2361/26/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAfricause Australian Day Dinner 2023AfricauseHospitalityover $50Accepted
2371/26/23Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerAustralia Day 2023 Multicultural eventAIFAV- Australian Integrated Fijian Association of VictoriHospitalityover $50Accepted
2381/26/23Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerSocial Justice Awards Ceremony Centre for Migrant and Refugee HealthHospitalityover $50Accepted
2391/27/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonInternational Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023Consul General of Italy Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2401/27/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonDancing Together to HealDancing Together to HealHospitalityover $50Accepted
2411/28/23Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - Commissioner2023 Tet FestivalExecutive Committee of the Vietnamese Community in Australia - Victoria ChapterHospitalityover $50Accepted
2421/28/23Bill Papastergiadis OAM - CommissionerGolden Age 2023 Whitehorse Lunar New Year FestivalAsian Business Association of Whitehorse Inc. Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2431/29/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerGurudwara Siri Guru Nanak Darbar - Australia Day Celebrations Gurudwara Siri Guru Nanak DarbarHospitalityover $50Accepted
2442/2/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonYum Cha at Red Emperor ChinatownAustralia Malaysia Business Council Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2452/2/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonEvent to Honour Afghan Women's Team at Heidelberg MosqueElsedeaq Islamic Society & Imam Alaa ElzokmHospitalityover $50Accepted
2462/4/23Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerCommemoration of the 75th Anniversary of Independence of Sri LankaThe Consulate General of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri LankaHospitalityover $50Accepted
2472/4/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMulticultural Film Festival - Bunjil Place - panelBunjl PlaceHospitalityover $50Accepted
2482/4/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonThe World 9s is a multicultural AFL tournamentAustralian Football InternationalHospitalityover $50Accepted
2492/4/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonRoyal Thai Consulate FunctionRoyal Thailand Consulate MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
2502/5/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMulticultural Day Celebration 2023-Federation of Greek Elderly Citizens Clubs of Melbourne & VictoriaFederation of Greek Elderly Citizens Clubs of Melbourne & Vic. Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2512/5/23Silvia Renda - CommissionerMidsumma Pride March Latin American and Hispanic Rainbow Community Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2522/5/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonVictoria st Lunar New yearVictoria Street Business AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
2532/9/23Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerRoyal Exhibition Building Dome PromenadeMuseums Victoria Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2542/10/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMonash Children's Hospital GalaMonash Children's HospitalHospitalityover $50Accepted
2552/11/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonSalvation ArmySalvo Army Danenong office openningHospitalityover $50Accepted
2562/11/23Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonYeti FC 7th Annual Award NightYeti FCHospitalityover $50Accepted
2572/11/23Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonDr Apollo Nsubuga-Kyobe Memorial Lecture with Hon. Tim Watts MPDr Apollo Nsubuga-Kyobe Memorial Lecture CommitteeHospitalityover $50Accepted
2582/12/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonInitiatives Of Change AustraliaThe Joy Of Global Harmony'at ArmaghHospitalityover $50Accepted
2592/12/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonCelebrating 76th Anniversary of Mon National DayMon Youth Association Melbourne Australia ( MYAMA )& Melbourne Mon Family Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2602/12/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonVisit to Officer Gurudwara Officer Gurudwara Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2612/12/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonVisit to Blackburn GurudwaraHindu Council of Australia (Victoria)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2622/14/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonTân Niên - New Year 2023Vietnamese Senior Cultural AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
2632/15/23Silvia Renda - CommissionerPathways to jobs in council: community conversation and lunch Local Government Professionals IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
2642/15/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMelbourne Chinese New Year ReceptionHong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Sydney Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2652/17/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonVietnamese Museum Australia GalaVietnamese Museum Australia Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2662/17/23Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerAVWA 40th Anniversary CelebrationAustralian Vietnamese Women's Association Inc. (AVWA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2672/18/23Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerIslamic Museum of Australia Gala Dinner 2023Islamic Museum of AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
2682/18/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonSons of the West relaunch event invitation Western Bulldogs Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2692/19/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonA peaceful mind for a peaceful societyThe Dawoodi Bohras MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
2702/19/23Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonFairfield in Feb” concert series The BoiteHospitalityover $50Accepted
2712/22/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonInclusive Volunteer ToolkitVolunteer WestHospitalityover $50Accepted
2722/23/23Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerA Festival of a Well-Nourished VictoriaVicHealth and Lord Mayor’s Charitable FoundationHospitalityover $50Accepted
2732/24/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonLunar New Year & Longevity CelebrationIndochinese Elderly Refugees Association VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
2742/25/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Silvia Renda - Commissioner2023 Antipodes FestivalGreek Community of MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
2752/25/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonNew Year Event ”Gyalpo Losar 2150 (2023)”.Sherpa Association of Victoria Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2762/27/23Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonBuilding a movement to prevent violence against womenRespect VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
2772/27/23Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerTraditional bed cover and pillowcasesCentre For Migrant and Refugee Health (CMRH)Giftover $50Accepted
2781/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonTranslation Project Launch Mental Health Complaints CommissionerHospitalityover $50Accepted
2792/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonOfficial Opening of our "40 Years Young and Thriving" ExhibitionAustralian Vietnamese Women's AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
2803/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerAnnual Year 12 Muslim Achievement AwardsHuman Appeal International AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
2813/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonCelebrating Indonesian Community in VictoriaIndOz GroupsHospitalityover $50Accepted
2823/03/2023Silvia Renda - CommissionerIWD lunch with Minister of WomenDepartment of Families, Fairness and HousingHospitalityover $50Accepted
2834/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonCALD Voices IWD CelebrationCALD VoicesHospitalityover $50Accepted
2844/03/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerHarmony LunchMonash Interfaith GatheringHospitalityover $50Accepted
2854/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonIWD celebration by Multicultural Women of the World & Women of WyndhamMulticultural Women of the World & Women of WyndhamHospitalityover $50Accepted
2864/03/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerIndonesian Modest Fashion Week (IMFWM) PERWIRA Inc Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2874/03/2023Silvia Renda - CommissionerLa Sobremesa. A workshop that explores topics around gender equality, gender stereotypes and consent.Latin Stories AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
2884/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonWyndham Holi 2023Wyndham Holi 2023Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2895/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonICV Mosque Open DayIslamic Council of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
2905/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonVictorian Mosque Open Day at Melbourne Grand MosqueWerribee Islamic CentreHospitalityover $50Accepted
2915/03/2023Jennifer Huppert - Commissioner & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - Commissioner & Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerFriendship DinnerJewish Christian and Muslim Association (JCMA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
2925/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson53rd Annual Sports dayPolish Community Council of Victoria IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
2936/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonIWD celebration by Consulate General of IndiaConsulate General of IndiaHospitalityover $50Accepted
2947/03/2023Silvia Renda - CommissionerANLCCI and EWIB International Women’s Day event invitaion and received the a scarf and candle as a gift on the day for participating on the panel.Australia New Zealand Labanon Chamber of Commerce and IndustryGiftover $50Accepted
2957/03/2023Jennifer Huppert - Commissioner & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerMWAAFV 2023 International Women's DayMulticultural Women’s Alliance Against Family ViolenceHospitalityover $50Accepted
2967/03/2023Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerVU Women : Celebrating Career Brilliance Careers Event Victoria UniversityHospitalityover $50Accepted
2978/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAfghan Women's Organisation - Office Open DayAFGHAN WOMEN'S ORGANISATION VICTORIA INCHospitalityover $50Accepted
2988/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonIWD event with The Hon. Natalie Hutchins MP, Minister for Women Department of Families, Fairness and HousingHospitalityover $50Accepted
2998/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAfricause IWD celebrationAfricause Hospitalityover $50Accepted
3009/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonInternational Women's Day celebration by AMCSAustralian Multicultural Community Services - Support for Carers Program and Maribyrnong Community CentrHospitalityover $50Accepted
30110/03/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerInauguration of the 2022-2024 Committee and Harmony Breakfast EventZee Cheng Khor Moral Uplifting Society IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
30210/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonPayPal Melb Fashion Festival - Paolo Sebastian Solo RunwayVictorian Ministerial OfficeHospitalityover $50Accepted
30311/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonHWPL Peace Day Celebrating Diversity and InclusivityHeavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light Hospitalityover $50Accepted
30411/03/2023Silvia Renda - CommissionerHume colour Fest – Holi 2023Australian Women AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
30511/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonIWD Luncheon and Holi EventMulticultural Association of Community Impowerment IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
30612/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson13th Annual AWATE AWARD CEREMONYEritrean Community Language SchoolHospitalityover $50Accepted
30714/03/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerThink VoiceMyriad Kofkin Global Hospitalityover $50Accepted
30816/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAfrican Australian Employment ExpoSomali Women Development Association IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
30916/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonGirls Force WebinarAfriAus iLEAC, GirlForce VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
31017/03/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerBakhtar Women of The Year Award Dinner Bakhtar Community OrganisationHospitalityover $50Accepted
31117/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson2023 Patrick OrationCatholic Leadership CentreHospitalityover $50Accepted
31219/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonGreek Independence DayConsulate General of GreeceHospitalityover $50Accepted
31320/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerCultural diversity week Western Bulldog Community Foundations(WBCF)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
31421/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonExploring Barwon by DFFH and DJCSDepartment of Families, Fairness and HousingHospitalityover $50Accepted
31521/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonVICForum: Words that WorkPolaronHospitalityover $50Accepted
31621/03/2023Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerTogether Against RacismVictoria University Hospitalityover $50Accepted
31721/03/2023Shankar Kasynathan - Commissioner & Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerHarmony Day 2023 - Official Flag RaisingCity of BallaratHospitalityover $50Accepted
31822/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonPublic Sector Women of Colour Leadership & Allyship Summit 2023The HatcheryHospitalityover $50Accepted
31923/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonWesley College Melbourne - student assemblyWesley College MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
32023/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonEmergency Management Leadership Meeting Emergency Management VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
32123/03/2023Tarang Chawla - CommissionerMelbourne Grammar School’s 1 hour panelAcross Boundaries Committee at Melbourne Grammar SchoolHospitalityover $50Accepted
32223/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonHome Affairs Skilled Worker community forumCultureVerseHospitalityover $50Accepted
32324/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonBollywood concert of 2023OZ Productions Hospitalityover $50Accepted
32424/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonNelson Mandela Day Australia - Anti Racism event Nelson Mandela Day AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
32525/03/2023Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerCommemorating Greek Independence DayReturned & Services League of Australia - Hellenic Sub BranchHospitalityover $50Accepted
32625/03/2023Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerAMCF at the Museum Cultural Diversity Week EventAfrican Music and Cultural Festival (AMCF)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
32725/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonTaste of AsiaMelbourne City North Business AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
32825/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonLions Club Multicultural Costume ShowThe Lions Club of Melbourne ChineseHospitalityover $50Accepted
32926/03/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerAMAFHH Annual Iftar DinnerAMAFHHHospitalityover $50Accepted
33026/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonSinhala New Year Festival Buddhist Sri Lankan Association of Victoria IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
33127/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonCity of Melbourne Iftar dinnerMelbourne City CouncilHospitalityover $50Accepted
33228/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonNawroz celebration by AISOVAustralian Iranian Society of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
33328/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairpersoninclusive employment roundtable with the MinisterDJSIRHospitalityover $50Accepted
33429/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAssyrian New Year ReceptionAustralian Assyrian Arts and Literature Foundation IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
33529/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairpersonlaunch of the WEstjustice Equality Law ServiceVictoria UniversityHospitalityover $50Accepted
33629/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMeeting with Chin-Myanmar Community Care and received cultural scarfChin-Myanmar Community CareGiftover $50Accepted
33730/03/2023Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerCelebrating World Harmony Day Manningham Interfaith NetworkHospitalityover $50Accepted
33830/03/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonFormula 1 Grand Prix 2023DJSIRHospitalityover $50Accepted
33931/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonShabbat - Iftar DinnerAustralian Intercultural Society and Ark CentreHospitalityover $50Accepted
34031/03/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson2022 MFF ScreeningDepartment of Families, Fairness and HousingHospitalityover $50Accepted
3411/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAnnual Flag Raising CeremonyVietnamese Community in Victoria Hospitalityover $50Accepted
3421/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonICV Annual Interfaith Iftar DinnerIslamic Council of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
3431/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonERITREA COMMUNITY AUSTRILA ANNAUL iftar dinner 2023Eritrean Community in AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
3442/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairpersonyouth capacity building Melbourne Mizo AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
3452/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonSisters' Fundraising IFTAR Human Appeal AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
3462/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonChing Ming Festival Bright Moon Buddhist SocietyHospitalityover $50Accepted
3472/04/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerIftar and UMSLV 10 AnniversaryUnited Muslim - Sisters of Latrobe Valley (UMSLV)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
3483/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerIslamic Council of Victoria (ICV) Iftar DinnerLa trobe UniversityHospitalityover $50Accepted
3494/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonCEW Annual DinnerChief Executive Women (CEW)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
3504/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Shankar Kasynathan - Commissioner17th Annual Victorian State Parliament Iftar DinnerAustralian Intercultural Society Hospitalityover $50Accepted
3514/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonInvestitures for the Australia Day 2023 HonoursGovernor of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
3525/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerSBS and IMA IftarSBS and Islamic Museum AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
3535/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson3rd Solidarity for Humanity Iftar Dinner 2023Advocates for Dignity (AFD) & The Association of Ukrainians in Victoria Hospitalityover $50Accepted
3545/04/2023Silvia Renda - Commissioner2023 AKYPA Leadership ForumKorean Consulate-General and Australia-Korea Foundation, AKYPA (Australia-Korea Young Professionals Association)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
3556/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonICV and Bubup Wilam Iftar DinnerIslamic Council VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
3569/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonEquality Day eventJET Australia Foundation Ltd (Victoria Chapter)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
3579/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonKarenni Kay Htoe Boe Celebration 2023Karenni in VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
35812/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonStreet Iftar Salam Fest IftarHospitalityover $50Accepted
35912/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonElsedeaq Community Iftar 2023Elsedeaq Islamic Society Hospitalityover $50Accepted
36013/04/2023Shankar Kasynathan - CommissionerImmersion with Migrant Workers Centre Common Purpose Hospitalityover $50Accepted
36113/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Dr Judy Tang - Commissioner & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - Commissioner & Tarang Chawla - Commissioner & Shankar Kasynathan - Commissioner & Bill Papastergiadis OAM - Commissioner & Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerPremier's Iftar Dinner 2023DFFHHospitalityover $50Accepted
36214/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMWTV Annual Ramadan Dinner 2023Muslim Welfare Trust of Victoria Hospitalityover $50Accepted
36314/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonVaisakhi celebrations and a model of the Sikh Temple. Gurudwara Siri Guru Nanak DarbarGiftover $50Accepted
36414/04/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerIftar DinnerIslamic Society of Geelong Hospitalityover $50Accepted
36515/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson132nd Birth anniversary of Dr B R AmbedkarIndian Buddhist Community Hospitalityover $50Accepted
36615/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonFifth New & Emerging Communities Festival (NECF 2023)Help Himalayan Youth Foundation (HHYF) Hospitalityover $50Accepted
36715/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonIftar dinner by AfricauseAfricause Youth & Community service Hospitalityover $50Accepted
36815/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonCambodian New YearCambodian Buddhist Association of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
36915/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonIftarMelbourne Grand MosqueHospitalityover $50Accepted
37016/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerJoint Iftar DinnerAfghan Australian Initiative and Initiatives of Change AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
37116/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonBishu Parva Festival (Nepali New Year 2080 BS)Far West Nepalese Society of Victoria (FWNSV)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
37216/04/2023Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerRamadan Iftar DinnerOne BallHospitalityover $50Accepted
37317/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Jennifer Huppert - CommissionerYom Hashoah 2023 - Jewish Holocaust Remembrance Day.Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
37417/04/2023Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative Commissioner & Tarang Chawla - CommissionerPrivate dinner conversation in Melbourne hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of ANU The Australian National University Hospitalityover $50Accepted
37517/04/2023Silvia Renda - CommissionerVU IftarVictoria UniversityHospitalityover $50Accepted
37617/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonLanguage Awards- AAA VIctoriaAustralian Asian Association of Victoria Hospitalityover $50Accepted
37718/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonDeaking Iftar DinnerDeakin UniversityHospitalityover $50Accepted
37818/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonLibrary OpeningGreat Stupa LibraryHospitalityover $50Accepted
37920/04/2023Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerThe launch of our new anti-racism report and the local anti-racism roadmap in Casey and Greater DandenongVictoria UniversityHospitalityover $50Accepted
38020/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson2023 Premier's Anniversary of Anzac Day State LuncheonDFFHHospitalityover $50Accepted
38121/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMulticultural Chand Raat & Eid Festival Society for Women Empowerment & Recognition in AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
38222/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonChaldean Assyrian & Syriac New Year and Easter celebration Australian Chaldean Family Welfare AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
38322/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson2023 Thingyan celebrationAKPHospitalityover $50Accepted
38423/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonNepalese New YearNepalese Association of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
38524/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonYom Hazikaron Commemoration Zionism VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
38625/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAnzac Day serviceDandenong RSLHospitalityover $50Accepted
38726/04/2023Jennifer Huppert - CommissionerYom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence DayZionism VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
38829/04/2023Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative Commissioner & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerInauguration of the clubNigerian Senior Citizens Club of Victoria Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
38929/04/2023Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerZambians in Australia and New Zealand Inaugural Conference - 2023Australia Sickle Cell AdvocacyHospitalityover $50Accepted
39029/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonAfghanistan's New Year and EidAfghan Australian Philanthropic AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
39129/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonBuddhists of the West Multicultural Festival 2023Avalokitesvara Yuan Tong Monastery (aka Guan-Im temple) and Quang Minh TempleHospitalityover $50Accepted
39230/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson82nd Anniversary of the Battle of KalamataThe Society of KalamataHospitalityover $50Accepted
39330/04/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonUnlocking Intergenerational VoicesFood For Thought Network (FFTN)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
39430/04/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMaharashtra Day Celebrations 2023Maharashtra Organisation Australia IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
3952/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonCALD Reference Group MeetingRoyal Children HospitalHospitalityover $50Accepted
3963/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerChief Commissioner's Walk the Blue Line program (2 day program on 3 and 10 May)Victoria PoliceHospitalityover $50Accepted
3974/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Bill Papastergiadis OAM - CommissionerECLC Volunteers & Partnerships Dinner 2023Eastern Community Legal CentreHospitalityover $50Accepted
3985/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonEid ul Fitr celebrationAfghan Women's Organisation Victoria IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
3995/05/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerRuby Anniversary CelebrationsAssociation of Sri Lankan Muslims in Australia (ASLAMA) Hospitalityover $50Accepted
4006/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonThe Salvation Army RSA Multicultural LaunchSalvo ArmyHospitalityover $50Accepted
4016/05/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerSri Lankan Muslim Community’s Eid celebrationsUnited Sri Lankan Muslim Association Australia (USMAA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
4027/05/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonWomen Empowerment Forum 2023Federation of Indian Associations of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
4039/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonDinnerIndian ConsulateHospitalityover $50Accepted
40410/05/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth Commissioner & Silvia Renda - Commissioner & Shankar Kasynathan - CommissionerWelcoming Australia Symposium 2023Scanlon FoundationHospitalityover $50Accepted
40511/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonCareerSeekers SpotlightThe CareerSeekers Hospitalityover $50Accepted
40611/05/2023Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerSutr Santati: Then. Now. Next.Museums VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
40712/05/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMulticultural African FestivalAfricauseHospitalityover $50Accepted
40813/05/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson2023 Korean FestivalConsulate-General of the Republic of KoreaHospitalityover $50Accepted
40913/05/2023Nyangak (Lizzy) Kuoth - CommissionerAfghan Music and celebration - Melody of Baran Music School ConcertBaran Music SchoolHospitalityover $50Accepted
41013/05/2023Silvia Renda - CommissionerSecond Living and Ageing Well ForumMulticultural Women Victoria (MWV) and United Sri Lankan Muslim Association of Australia Inc (USMAA - Seniors) Hospitalityover $50Accepted
41116/05/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonIn Conversation with VivAsian Leadership ProjectHospitalityover $50Accepted
41217/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonInternational Week Senior School Assembly Caulfield Grammar SchoolHospitalityover $50Accepted
41317/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonLocal Resident Employment Forum DFFHHospitalityover $50Accepted
41419/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerThe Light It Up Opening Ceremony of The 2023 Buddha’s Day & Multicultural FestivalFo Guang Shan Australia & New Zealand in collaboration with the Buddha’s Light International Association of Victoria Inc Hospitalityover $50Accepted
41519/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMelbourne City FC v Sydney FC Melbourne City Football ClubHospitalityover $50Accepted
41620/05/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonOrder of Australia Association National Conference Order of Australia AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
41720/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - Commissioner & Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative Commissioner & Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth Commissioner & Silvia Renda - Commissioner2023 Africa Day Gala DinnerAfrica Day Australia Inc. Hospitalityover $50Accepted
41820/05/2023Bill Papastergiadis OAM - CommissionerHellenic Museum Dalaras in ConcertHelenic MuseumHospitalityover $50Accepted
41921/05/2023Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerJapan Festival 2023 opening ceremonyJapan Festival Organising Committee of Japan Club of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
42024/05/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMothers' Day celebrationVietnamese Australian Senior Association of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
42126/05/2023Shankar Kasynathan - CommissionerLord Mayor's Reception: Chinese and Australian City DiplomatsThe University of MelbourneHospitalityover $50Accepted
42228/05/2023Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerWelcome the South Sudanese National Basketball TeamSouth Sudanese Catholic CommunityHospitalityover $50Accepted
42329/05/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonReception to mark the Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen CamillaOffice of the Governor - Government House Melbourne Hospitalityover $50Accepted
42430/05/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonThe Goody TalkMental Health Foundation AustraliaHospitalityover $50Accepted
42530/05/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonParliamentary Cocktails in honour of the 75th Anniversary of Israel's IndependenceZionism VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
4261/06/2023Dr Judy Tang - CommissionerZCK's 21st Anniversary of ZEE CHENG KHOR Moral Uplifting SocietyZEE CHENG KHOR Moral Uplifting Society IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
4272/06/2023Silvia Renda - CommissionerNational Day of ItalyItalian ConsulateHospitalityover $50Accepted
4283/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonHeidelberg United FC 65th Anniversary GalaHeidelberg United Football ClubHospitalityover $50Accepted
4293/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonRESPECT WOMEN -Let's Bring the Change Event Australian Multicultural Women Association INC (AMWA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
4305/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonMinister Giles launch of Migrant Worker Exploitation reforms Home Affairs DepartmentHospitalityover $50Accepted
4315/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonWomen Deliver DinnerDFFHHospitalityover $50Accepted
4326/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonWomen Deliver 2023 Oceanic Pacific Regional Convening EventDFFHHospitalityover $50Accepted
4336/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonPort Phillip CommSafeVictoria PoliceHospitalityover $50Accepted
4347/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - Commissioner & Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerMultifaith Dinner 2023Wyndham City CouncilHospitalityover $50Accepted
43510/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerWorld Environment Day Officer Gurudwara 'Siri Guru Nanak Darbar' Hospitalityover $50Accepted
43611/06/2023Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerInternational Yoga Day -2023Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan Inc. (DJJS, Melbourne branch)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
43711/06/2023Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative Commissioner125th Anniversary of the Independence of Republic of the Philippines - Grand FilCom Gala NightFilipino Community in VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
43811/06/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - Commissioner2023 Dragon Boat Festival Multicultural Celebration & The Launching Of Victorian Kids Wind Instruments Training CourseSpring Arts Multicultural Seniors AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
43911/06/2023Silvia Renda - Commissioner & Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerTaste of Portugal 2023 is being held on Sunday 11th June at the Queen Victoria MarketPresident of the Portuguese Speaking Communities (CLP) Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
44012/06/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerSamoa Independence Festival Celebration 2023Victoria Samoan Advisory CouncilHospitalityover $50Accepted
44113/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Silvia Renda - Commissioner & Abiola Akinbiyi - Community Representative CommissionerDiplomatic Consular Reception on the 125th Philippine Independence DayConsulate General of Republic of PhilippinesHospitalityover $50Accepted
44213/06/2023Hakan Akyol - Executive Senior Adviser, Victorian Multicultural CommissionVictorian Emergency Management Regional Leadership ForumVictorian Emergency ManagementHospitalityover $50Accepted
44313/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonChinatown fundraisingChinatown Precinct Association Inc and Melbourne Dai Loong Association IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
44414/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonWalk the Blue Line program - Ride along shifts (St Kilda)Victoria PoliceHospitalityover $50Accepted
44515/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonRefugee / CALD Migrant Jobs and Skills Summit SpectrumHospitalityover $50Accepted
44616/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonInaugural Forum: Meditation and Peacebuilding: Learnings & OpportunitiesMeditation Australia and Monash Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies (M3CS),Hospitalityover $50Accepted
44716/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonClosing Reception of HKAAA Delegate TripHong Kong Arts Administrators Association (HKAAA)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
44817/06/2023Silvia Renda - CommissionerAnnual Festa Junina, a Brazilian Soulster Tradition. Brazilian Association of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
44917/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonFundraising dinner in support of the establishment of the Tigrian community centreTigrian Community Association in Victoria IncHospitalityover $50Accepted
45017/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson3rd NAV Multicultural Soccer TournamentNepalese Association of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
45117/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonFundraiser for Syrian communityPrimary Care ConnectHospitalityover $50Accepted
45217/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson023 Chinese Assocaition of Victoria Mid-year DinnerChinese Association of Victoria (CAV)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
45318/06/2023Jennifer Huppert - Commissioner & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - Commissioner125th Anniversary of the Independence of Republic of the Philippines - Family Open DayFilipino Community in VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
45418/06/2023Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerCelebration of Refugee WeekAustralian Chaldean Family Welfare AssociationHospitalityover $50Accepted
45518/06/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerMelbourne Multicultural Dragon Boat Festival CelebrationAustralian Chinese United Association Inc.Hospitalityover $50Accepted
45620/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonRCAA Citizenship CeremonyRefugee Communities Association of Australia Hospitalityover $50Accepted
45721/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonCareerSeekers Melbourne Mid Year CelebrationCareerSeekersHospitalityover $50Accepted
45821/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonMulticultural Emergency Management Partnership Celebration Hosted by FRV Fire Rescue VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
45922/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson2023 Refugee Week Event by City of WhittleseCity of WhittleseaHospitalityover $50Accepted
46022/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy ChairpersonInvitation to Book Launch Event - Celebrating Careers and Personal GrowthNaishadh GadaniHospitalityover $50Accepted
46123/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonPronia Gala dinnerProniaHospitalityover $50Accepted
46223/06/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - CommissionerMulticultural women in sports Gala DinnerMelbourne United S.C Hospitalityover $50Accepted
46323/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonRefugee Week Virtual Event at AFCA Australian Financial Complaints Authority Hospitalityover $50Accepted
46424/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonVolunteer Celebration NighAsian Australian VolunteersHospitalityover $50Accepted
46524/06/2023Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - Commissioner148th Karenni National DayKarenni Association of VictoriaHospitalityover $50Accepted
46624/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonFinding Freedom Stories of ResilienceAssyrian Cultural & Social Youth Association (ACSYA) Inc. and the Australian Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Advocacy Network (AACSAN)Hospitalityover $50Accepted
46725/06/2023Bwe Thay - Deputy Chairperson & Mohamed Mohideen OAM JP - Commissioner2023 Spirit Harmony Multicultural Festival AustraliaSKGA IncorporatedHospitalityover $50Accepted
46826/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - Chairperson & Lunorphare (Luna) Folly - Youth CommissionerRefugee Week Soccer TournamentWyndham CouncilHospitalityover $50Accepted
46927/06/2023Vivienne (Viv) Nguyen AM - ChairpersonSisterWorks Refugee Week - Potluck Fundraising + Networking EventSisterWorks IncHospitalityover $50Accepted