Social media guidelines

Thank you for your interest in engaging with the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) social media channels, we appreciate your comments and contributions.

While we encourage you to join the conversation, we will not tolerate racist, discriminatory, prejudiced, disrespectful, offensive, crude or hateful comments, or comments that make another person interacting with these channels feel unsafe.

VMC reserves the right to hide or delete comments of the following nature:

  • Comments or links that are racist, discriminatory or prejudiced on the basis of ethnicity, culture, religion, faith or language.
  • Comments or links that directly aim to disrespect a person or people from diverse backgrounds or diverse communities.
  • Comments that imply disrespect toward or attempt to defame people from diverse backgrounds with racially motivated and false or misleading evidence.
  • Comments or links that we consider to be discriminatory, racist, defamatory, inflammatory, abusive, threatening, hateful or otherwise offensive or inappropriate, or comments which imply these stated sentiments.
  • Comments that aim to disrespect another person on this page or aim to make them feel unsafe.
  • Comments that deliberately attempt to derail the conversation.
  • Comments that are repetitive or irrelevant.
  • Commercial content, advertisements or spam.
  • Any other comments we consider to be inappropriate, including inappropriate commentary toward the Commission’s Chairperson, Commissioners or staff, members of the multicultural services sector or diverse communities.

VMC also reserves the right to block, ban or report users under an original or ghost profile whose behaviour falls within the criteria of comments listed above.

Where user behaviour poses a security risk, threat to public safety or a duty of care issue, VMC reserves the right to refer user profiles to other government agencies.

We encourage users to refer to the Facebook Community Standards, Twitter Hateful Conduct Policy and Instagram Community Guidelines for any further guidance on respectful interactions.