Multicultural grants

Multicultural and multifaith groups can apply for grants to fund projects and events that support, celebrate or promote their culture, faith or community.

The Victorian Government and the Victorian Multicultural Commission are committed to promoting and enhancing the social, cultural and economic benefits of cultural diversity to all Victorians.

A range of grants are available to individuals and community organisations to:

  • help Victoria’s multicultural communities celebrate and share their traditions 
  • foster cross-cultural awareness, understanding and respect
  • showcase the vibrancy and contribution of Victoria’s multiculturalism
  • build the skills and knowledge of smaller or emerging community groups
  • improve community infrastructure for cultural organisations

Writing applications and reporting on grants

The Victorian Government also provides these resources to understand:

  • how to write a good application
  • special grants words and terms
  • your responsibilities after receiving a grant
  • in-kind contributions
  • auspice and partnership arrangements 

Reviewed 07 January 2020

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