Sikh communities deliver meals to those in need

We are inspired by Victorians supporting each other during the coronavirus crisis.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 at 2:43 am
Sikh Volunteers Australia

Sikh communities across Victoria have come together to deliver free meals to those affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

One example is Sikh Volunteers Australia, who deliver 800 meals every day with 13 delivery vehicles.

Manpreet Singh, from Sikh Volunteers Australia, said it was important to support others during these difficult times.

“Especially during this time, we need to help each other. If you can help, you should help,” he said.

When Mr Singh takes the phone orders, he said many people have been sharing their stories of how coronavirus has affected them.

“When they tell me their stories, it’s very hard, but that’s why I do this to help our community.”

In preparing the meals, he said they have adapted their way of operating adhere to the new Stage 3 health and safety restrictions.

Similarly, Khalsa Shaouni Plumpton and Khalsa Darbar Mickleham have also been providing hundreds of free food deliveries in the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Each of their chefs work 4 metres apart with individual stations to cook and pack their own meals. By providing this special service, they wish to emphasize that their service is for all Victorians in need because this is the time to support our broader community.

Khalsa Foundation in association with Sri Guru Singh Sabha Craigieburn, have also been supporting communities affected by COVID-19. For two weeks, they delivered hundreds of hot meals to homes in the northern suburbs. They are continuing their efforts by delivering free groceries to those in need, particularly international students.

The Commission is immensely proud of the amazing work our multicultural communities continue to do during the coronavirus crisis, and we would love to hear how communities are supporting each other during this period.

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