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Levelling The Playing Field Report

Tuesday 14 March 2023 2:53pm

The VMC has partnered with Mindtribes and the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector to release Levelling the Playing Field 2023: 5 years of Advocacy by MindTribes – what is still missing?.

This updated report reassesses the barriers and success factors for culturally diverse women and women of colour in the workplace and amplifies what is still missing.

Across 2016 and 2017 MindTribes had 102 conversations with Heads of Diversity and Inclusion, and People and Culture advisors and leaders, including Chief People Officers of leading private and public sector organisations.

These leaders were Anglo-Saxon women and men who were tasked with addressing gender inequality in the workplace.

MindTribes proposed an intersectional approach to gender work or a targeted career management program to address the specific inequity faced by women who identified as culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and/or women of colour (WOC), with the aim of sponsoring their improved career mobility.

Reviewed 14 March 2023

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