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Leadership Award

Recognises refugees who have demonstrated outstanding leadership within the community.

Leadership Award


The Leadership Award is one of 4 categories in the Victorian Refugee Awards.

This award recognises refugees who have demonstrated outstanding leadership within the community.

For example, they could have developed a program to strengthen community relationships, resolved a community issue through innovation, advocated on behalf of the community for change or improvement, or more.

  1. Nominations closed

    25 March to 02 May 2021


    • Individuals based in Victoria from a refugee or asylum seeker background.
    • Self-nominations are accepted.
  • All nominations are reviewed to confirm they meet eligibility requirements before proceeding to assessment.

    As part of the assessment, a panel meets to review and discuss each of the eligible applications. During this process, the panel will consider all information submitted as part of the nomination to determine how the nominee meets the selection criteria for the relevant award category.

    All applications are ranked as part of this process to determine prospective award recipients. Referees may then be contacted to verify nomination statements and clarify information before recipients are confirmed.

    The panel consists of 2 or 3 Commissioners of the Victorian Multicultural Commission, a representative from the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, and a community representative.

  • How do I submit a nomination?

    Go to vicmulticultural.awardsaustralia.comExternal Link .

    Who can submit a nomination?

    • Self-nominations are accepted.
    • You cannot nominate a family member.
    • You can submit a maximum of 5 nominations.

    Who can be nominated?

    • Victorians from a refugee or asylum seeker background.
    • You can nominate the same person or organisation for more than 1 category, but they can only receive 1 award.

    What do I need to make a nomination?

    • You will be asked 3 questions to support your nomination.
    • All nominations must include contact information for 2 referees. Referees are compulsory and cannot be family members.
    • You may attach up to 5 additional materials to support your nomination, such as news articles, videos or referee statements.
    1. Why does the nominee deserve this award?
    2. Describe at least one project or activity the nominee has been involved in that demonstrates their achievement in Victoria.
    3. Which communities are supported by the nominee’s project or activity? How has it a made a positive difference to their lives?

Reviewed 10 May 2021